About me

Hello, I am Anne from Xela!

For the last 25 years I have been living in Berlin, Germany, but have always kept close to my home town of Quetzaltenango, better known as Xelaju or Xela. On my many trips to see my family, I have established contact with local indigenous artists and craftsmen and have brought some of their beautiful work home in order to decorate my house. More and more friends have asked me about these wonderful handmade artefacts that are all unique and which incorporate the long Mayan tradition in their designs and in the colors of the fabrics. I have therefore listed everything I have brought on my last few trips. All products are new and unused. Some of them I have purchased in Guatemala, some of them were given to me by the local artists on concession so that I can offer them here. The local artists are happy to learn that there is an interest in their work in faraway countries in Europe and are proud to share their products with you.

All proceeds from the sale of items from this shop goes directly back to these artist and goes a long way to support them and their families. I am not interested in making a profit for myself, for me it is an honor to support these proud artists who are currently suffering from a total lack of tourism to Guatemala during the Covid-19-crisis and have therefore lost a lot of their potential clients.

At the moment I am still selling these products privately. I am not a professional company. However I still offer you the same right as established for online shops under European law: You can return any product within 2 weeks of receiving it for a full refund and for whatever reason provided it has not been worn or used beyond an initial inspection. So there is no risk – just browse the collection, order what you like and try it on at home. I hope you are enjoying the special Mayan designs and vivid colors as much as I do!

Anne Liesse Richter-Kraft
Rüsternallee 35
14050 Berlin
Tel. +49 176 63286480